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Creating a smashing brand is an art of itself, but the key to making a big splash is bringing it to the market the right way.

With the ‘brand&Launch’ package, we will work together to build your brand and launch it into the market with a proper website, marketing materials and creative campaign, all within 10 weeks of saying “go!”

Here's how it goes:

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Jumping dog catching a frisbee

how it goes:

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Stage #1 Clarification


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A deep dive into the magical triangle of your product, market and audience

calendar Week #1


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Finding the right positioning for you brand in relation to the competitive landscape

calendar Week #2

Brand Story

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Capturing the essence of your brand and telling it in a way that appeals to customers

calendar Week #3

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Stage #2 Creation


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Putting the essence into as few words as possible

calendar Week #4

Visual Identify

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Giving your story its own unique look, from the logo down to your e-mail signature

calendar Week #5


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Outlining the different aspects of your brand’s value proposition in an inspiring way

calendar Week #6

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Stage #3

Website Design & Content

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Planning, writing and designing a wonderful website, tailor-made for your objective

calendar Week #7

Marketing Materials

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Creating the necessary materials that will wow different audiences

calendar Week #8

Brandformance Creatives

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Social posts and campaigns that showcase your brand while focusing on driving results

calendar Week #9

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Stage 10 - Launch Campaign Stage 10 - Launch Campaign

Your official, super-exciting, here-comes-the-boom, big reveal campaign.

calendar Week #10

a new brand is born!

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‘Brand&Launch’ package
dream team includes:

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